The Truth About Relationships: What We Forget

Relationships. A word that crosses the minds of boys and girls alike as they progress through life. There are different kinds of relationships, such as ones we have with families, friends, teachers, significant others, or colleagues.  Relationships enrich our lives, and without them the human experience would be significantly different, and not in a good way. They make us, break us, and ultimately shape us into the people that we are.

I think that boys and girls stress about getting into relationships throughout their school years. Teenage girls complain when Valentine’s Day comes because they are single. Rainy weather is also called cuddle weather, so whenever it rains, I suddenly feel lonely. Kids in middle school are in relationships, but they don’t go on dates; instead, the new trend is putting each other’s names in their Instagram bios. I think it’s funny yet sad that ideas about romantic relationships have been somewhat misconstrued by our generation. We’re constantly reminded that high school is only temporary because we’ll go on to graduate and meet new people in college. So why bother getting into a relationship during high school?

file2121308111352Teenagers often forget how important our relationships are with our families. We often take our parents and everything they do for granted, and sometimes our relationships with our parents sour over trivial matters. I can’t tell you how many stories I’ve heard from girls about fights that they’ve had with their parents over parties, curfews, and boys. The truth is: We forget that high school boys or parties will come and go and that family is forever. Our generation has to remember that our relationships with our families deserve more attention. Yes, romantic relationships and social lives are very important, but so are our parents and siblings. People will walk in and out of our lives, but our families will always be with us.

I strongly believe that relationships with our friends are also of the upmost importance. Throughout our lives, some friendships will be permanent, and some friendships will be temporary. Each person measures their relationships with their friends in different ways. I think that honesty, loyalty, and respect are absolutely necessary qualities to maintain strong relationships with my friends.  They can expect me to be honest with them because there is an established trust between us. Many of my closest friends today have stuck by my side through thick and thin. If you have a friend who is fickle and isn’t there for you when you need them the most, then I strongly suggest that you re-evaluate your relationship with them. If it’s helpful, I have one standard when it comes to my friends. You see the true strength of your relationships with them when times are tough, either for you or for your friend. There are some definite problems in your relationship if you don’t find yourself willing to support them during that time or vice versa.

We sometimes forget that relationships are ultimately defined by the little moments in life. Materialistic items such as gifts have value for a time, but ultimately when reflecting upon life, we tend to remember the laughs, the cheerful memories, and sometimes even the sad ones. I don’t remember the times when my parents took me out to dinner, but I remember the family trips we took together and the situations where they supported me when no one else would. Hopefully our generation will soon realize the importance of appreciating all the little things in a relationship, such as the inside jokes and the hugs when we felt like we were going to give up. I believe that, although we have different types of relationships in our lives, there are definitely commonalities between them. Regardless if it’s a romantic relationship or a friendship, there has to be honesty, respect, and trust established. I think that it’s very important for a person to have a strong sense of values that they carry into all of their relationships. Without honesty and loyalty, romantic relationships and friendships would fail, and relationships with our families would become destroyed. Please, value all of your relationships, so you wont’t have any  regrets.


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