The thing about breathing
is that despite it all
despite how much I don’t want to sometimes,
I still want to keep breathing
especially on the good days
on the days that I
the days my body and my brain stay together like they should
I’ve not had days that good in a long time
but there are still days
when I feel more love than I ever deserve
and then there are days
when I’m so overwhelmed by the Thoughts that I can hardly move
or breathe
or write
or do much of anything
the days when the only thing I want to do
the only thing I seem to have energy for
is hurt myself
but the thing about breathing
is that you have to keep doing it
you have to keep living
even when you don’t want to
especially when you don’t want to




Taylor Brown is a sixteen-year-old aspiring writer and poet. She currently lives in the southern part of the United States, but she would love to travel the world someday. In addition to writing, she loves reading and music. She has also written a story on Wattpad based on All the Bright Places. You can find her there @taybrown924.

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