Would you like to live hundreds of years longer than you do now? And not as a forever-decrepit individual but as a healthy, youthful one who does things and continues to learn and explore and, yes, possibly even flies a starship to another planet 100 light years away?

Well, believe it or not, this isn’t just a science-fiction idea anymore. Aging, according to David Sinclair (Professor of Genetics at Harvard and UNSW), has already been reversed in mice.  And human trials are under way.  Mice aren’t us, of course, but age reversal in any animal proves that it’s possible in all animals.  We just have to figure it out.

And before you shout with crazy-eyed glee, “That’s insane! There’s no way that will ever happen,” think of all the many people who told the Wright brothers they’d never fly.

Read a little more about it—and/or listen to a short David Sinclair interview—right HERE.


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