You never expected me to walk away
So many times, disrespected, but still I stayed
I let love overpower my unhappiness
You repeated those three words that I always second guessed
I craved love and attention, you claimed you were giving your best
I deserve the world but I accepted so much less
Your actions hurt more than your words
Time after time, my voice went unheard
God gave me the rain
More like a huge storm
I learned to dance, but my feelings remained
I tried to be strong, I tried not to mourn
My heart was broken
Actually completely shattered
So many words left unspoken
Nothing else even mattered
I eventually found my strength
Although often, I fell weak
I went to great lengths
To allow myself to breathe
I want to forget all of the painful memories
I want to forget all the hurtful things you said to me
I know you didn’t mean them
And you were only confused
But it brought things to an end
With our love left to lose
I want so badly to mend
The loss of my best friend
But my heart is invested
In two different places
Feelings have been collected
For two different faces
I haven’t lost hope completely
But I have to let my mind catch up with my heart
I can’t let love defeat me
I can’t let it tear me apart


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