be | longing

Walking along the bluff,
Through swaying trees,
Catching glimpses of a fiery orb
Rising from the lake.
Walking into a spider’s web
And a swarm of hovering flies,
As the wind fondled
The shimmering lake.
And the lady in the moon,
Gliding beside me.
Mixed Media Piece by Aparna Datey
Mixed Media Piece by Aparna Datey
A sailboat on the horizon,
Sunflowers turned to the sun,
A lone gull carried by the wind,
And a whiff of dead fish.
A lilting lapping,
Caressing the pebbles, 
And indecisive driftwood, 
At the water’s edge. 
And the lady in the moon,
Looking down at me.
All this time
I have been wandering,
Leaving home,
To arrive home.
But suddenly deep inside me,
A tangled wrenching,
Brimming at my eyelids,
As the lady in the moon dipped
To the other side of the world.

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