Even though this movie looks like it has the makings of every other high-school-centered romantic comedy, I can’t help but want to see it. I admittedly love makeover movies, but I love even more that this girl doesn’t need one. She looks, well, normal — or, since the word “normal” has too many frowned upon connotations these days, shall we go with “relatable”? She looks like your average girl, no chunky glasses, braces, or crazy hair trying to make her look like an underdog.

What I love even more is that she seems to start out the movie already having confidence; she already knows who she is, and she just seems to learn more empowering lessons along the way.

Have I mentioned already that it looks like it’s going to be quite funny?

Maybe I just love Mae Whitman, who’s playing the female lead, or maybe I’m just surprised/impressed that the male lead, Robbie Amell, hasn’t aged in 10 years and is still able to play high school roles.

Either way, The DUFF looks like a combination of some of my favorite tropes, and I’m excited to see it after it comes out on February 20th. Only one month away!

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