Photo courtesy of Rebecca/ edited from original

The guilt is on the rocks,
I’m washing up to shore,
so sure the impact will crush my bones
and I’ll be asleep once more.
But I’m struggling,
I’m paddling,
pushing past some anger,
as my frail legs kick indignantly at the waiting water.
My soul is screeching soundlessly
that everything is make believe,
and the sharks that are my sin
swim dangerously within,
tearing off my limbs,
but still I don’t give in.
Interesting how everything I see and hear and think
are all hooks in my vacant home,
willing me to sink.
I will drink and drown
before I’ve found one single word to save me.
I’ve grasped at love and freedom,
but both are just a maybe.
Because with love comes loss
and true freedom is bought when you have nothing left,
and I’d rather be bound to people,
knowing it will end in death.
Till then I swim out here,
as the fleeting sea surrounds me.
And I pray and wait for a far off day
when those enticing rocks will drown me





Chance Walsh is an eighteen-year-old autodidact.  He has been writing since he could read and recently finished his first novel, The Dream Descent, which he co-authored with his mother.  He enjoys acting and has done a lot of theater. He’s also written screenplays and produced short films. His true passion is writing, and he wants nothing more than to be an author. He spends, arguably, too much time writing poetry and listening to music.


Rebecca is 20 years old and lives in a little village in Germany. She started taking photos six years ago when her dad got a camera for his birthday. It was fascinating for her to see what different things he was able to capture — emotions, plants, animals — and she wanted to try it herself. The best part of photography for her is that she can express her feelings and tell stories through it, and she hopes that people feel something when they look at them. See more of her work on Flickr.

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