Simple habits can be self-destructive or self-enhancing, and every morning we have the opportunity to make certain decisions about our lifestyle. Sometimes we want quick fixes, but to truly appreciate the benefits of long-term happiness and contentment, let us all try to begin to implement these 5 morning habits in an effort to encourage our own self-empowering qualities.

1. Make your bed and open up your curtains

This might seem like a silly task, but if you think about it, you are setting up for an organized and structured day. When you make your bed and open up your curtains, you are inviting the possibility of love and light into your home and self. This puts some positive control in you and creates a fulfilling potential for the rest of your day!

2. Make a smoothie

This habit is a quick ideal for starting off your day right. If you are running late to school or work, you may choose to buy some fast food meal that is not really good for you. But if you choose to make a smoothie every morning (which takes 5 minutes to make), you will have started your day with an abundant amount of nutrition that will keep you happy and alert throughout the day. Over time this can increase your energy level, which is sure to increase happiness.

3. Look at yourself in the mirror

As soon as you wake up and are ready to start your day, go over to your nearest mirror — say, your bathroom mirror where you brush your teeth — and say something beautiful and empowering about YOU. No makeup, no veils, no cover-ups. Say that you love yourself, that you are proud of yourself, and that you are ready to begin your day with confidence, joy, and love. These positive choices will enhance your overall ability to become happy from the inside out rather than the outside in. That way, you are essentially diminishing your unattainable, ego-based desires, and you are ultimately increasing an honest appreciation of your true self just as you are!

4. Make healthy snacks

Let’s face it: We like to snack on foods during the day — especially when we get stressed out, when we have a big exam due, or when there is a work project that takes up most of our time. Let’s keep daily snacks in our book bags and munch on those from time to time. It is so simple; all you need is a small baggie and some food ideas: an assortment of nuts and dried fruits, mini carrots/cucumbers/celery, or even a piece of good quality dark chocolate. These snacks not only keep us sustained throughout the day, but they also offer us a tasty addition to our daily meal choices.

5. Call up someone you love that you haven’t spoken with in a while

Yes, we all have those people whom we lose touch with for whatever reason. Make each day a possibility to reach out to someone you miss and just want to talk with. Tell them you love them, offer some kindness, and have fun with it! When you are on your lunch break or are walking to work or school, pick up your cell and give it a go. It will also make you happier as you reconnect with someone who makes you happy.


Hope you enjoyed these quick tips to make you happier long term. Remember: Your happiness is all in you, and your choices mirror your overall potential to reach and maintain true happiness. Keep that in mind when you are making your bed next morning!

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