Lit, Lit Poetry

Grace by Ilda Dashi

Gentle whispers surface from a source deep inside me,
telling me to calm down,
anytime my dreams get drowned into the sea.
Anytime my way gets blurred and I cannot see clearly,
there’s a voice inside me,
that transforms my fear into curiosity.
There’s something inside me that has no name and no face.
I suppose it is my soul’s voice getting me through its river of grace.





ilda-dashiIlda Dashi is a passionate poetess, a wildly soft rebel, and a travel lover. She adores nature and forests. She has gone far too long to realize that she knows nothing about anything; she just keeps track of what she discovers along the way about herself and the world around her. To her, life is a mystery, and so are we all. You can find her on her website/blog,, and on her Facebook page.