Here we stand, face-to-face with the new school/college/university year. I’m not sure about you, but for me, the first month of autumn is always a stressful one, filled with anxiety, problems demanding to be solved, and just longing for the calm and bright months of summer.

When stressed, I always tend to eat a lot of unhealthy things, or just a lot in general. But this year I made myself a promise to be healthier. So how does a person stay healthy during school? Let’s try to figure this out.

(Disclaimer: I would like to make it clear that I’m not a professional nutritionist. I’m just a regular girl who’s trying to be healthier.)

1. Walk

This may be my favorite part of my healthy resolution because I love to walk. However, I often decide that I’m just too exhausted and that I just won’t be able to make it all the way back home. Unless you live super far away from school and walking simply isn’t an option, this challenge goes out to you, my fellow students: Let’s try and walk more! I’ve recently moved to Edinburgh, and although the city is far bigger than the one I used to live in, I’ve decided that I’ll be walking in it a lot more.

Walking is not just healthy; walking is also fun. While walking, you can really pay attention to your city. You can rediscover it. You will be able to notice places that you’ve never seen before, and you’ll be able to be alone with your thoughts, which can be so hard to do, especially during university. Let’s also not forget that walking is an easy, free workout session. What’s not to love?

2. Snack Smarter

I am a huge snack junkie. For me, meals are less important than my snacks. A little bit of chips or Snickers can make me happy, but they can also can make me really unhealthy, considering the amount I devour from day to day. So, let’s try something else: Fruits are a great alternative to usual, unhealthy snacks. Always have some apples, bananas, or your favorite fruit of choice in your bag for when you get the urge. Also, nuts are a great source of energy, and they fill you up really quickly. So if you want to grab a snack, eat a few almonds and you will be surprised at the difference you’ll experience.

3. Drink Water

This may be the most difficult one for me to follow because the amount of water that I usually drink in a day is so small that it’s laughable. But, drinking water should be an essential part of your daily routine. Yes, I mean a lot of water: 1.5–2 liters in a day. Or, if water really freaks you out: tea — preferably green without sugar. Believe me: Your skin will glow, you won’t be tired as often, you’ll feel the creative juices flowing through your veins, etc. Always keep a bottle (preferably refillable) in your school bag, and when in need, drink. Also, a lot of money can be saved by drinking water instead of Starbucks coffee. Or, in my case, Costa coffee, which makes up roughly one half of my monthly budget.

4. Establish a Routine

One thing you should know about me is that I’m super unorganized, so this is something that’s really new to me. I never know where I should be, what I’m supposed to be doing, or when I have a dentist appointment. Being this unorganized can be a cause of stress and anxiety, so now my goal is to build a routine. For me, this year is fully about responsibility and independence. I’m on my own in a new country, so I need to change some things in my life. Routine seems like a reasonable start, and it can be for you, too! Once you know your classes and your weekly schedule in general, try to build a weekly routine. Try to carefully plan the hours of your day, leaving yourself some time to learn, relax, and have fun.

5. Relax

This last one may be the most important: Keep calm. Believe me, I know how difficult trying to get used to school again can be. I mean, seriously, just how much stress do we usually experience during our first month of studying? But still, try to remain calm. Don’t get caught up in trying to solve every little problem, and try to leave some time for yourself. Let yourself be with your friends. Be positive and happy.


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